Jessie Polessie

Jessie Polessie is a tortoiseshell girl cat She likes lots of cuddles and pats, we like to have games I just pretend to pull Jessie Polessies tail and she like to have a swipe at me, but it’s just a game, Remember you should never pull the cat’s tail, I...Read more

Mr Wopple walks the Hatea Loop

So Mr Wopple and his dad are going to go around the Hatea Loop Which is a lovely walk of 4 Ks, Glen Wopples Dad is going to take his mobility scooter so Wopple will have to walk and run beside the mobility scooter  Read more

Disability Assistance Dog

Because Mr Wopples dad is disabled Mr Wopple has to learn special skills, but he’s only got dad an Audrey to train him so it is slow work, because sometimes Mr Wopple is naughty and runs off with dad’s socks sometime even a pillow So we were quick we saved the...Read more

What will I call him

I know when I was much younger I had another dog called Toby. His name was Toby, but really I called him lopitis because that was his fun name. So I decided to call my new dog Toby as well but really his fun name would be Mr Wopple, I...Read more

Mr Wopple Story Book

Mr Wopple is a golden retriever boy, he was born on a farm just south of Whangarei in New Zealand. Mr Wopples owner is called Glen, Glen is disabled after falling from his push bike when he was ten, Glen is now a grown man but his disability slows him...Read more

Wopple runs away from a drone

Mr Wopple runs away from a drone flying around his yard, Wopple likes the drone but dont get to close Golden retrievers just like to run and play, make sure not to leave the gate open because Mr Wopple has to stay in his own yard unless on a lead....Read more