Mr Wopple and Friends

Mr Wopple Jim Whim, Jessie Polessie and Georgie porgy

Mr Wopple and his friends
Jim Whim
Jessie polessie tortoiseshell cat
georgie porgy the cat

Mr Wopple the golden retriever and his friends Jessie Polessie she’s a tortoiseshell girl cat, Georgie Porgie he’s the oldest and the boss alpha cat, then there’s Jim Whim, Jim Whim likes to chase all his friends including Me Wopple, Mr Wopple and Jim Whim both love to roll over and play.

They all like to play in the yard they have a big yard the cats can jump the fence but Mr Wopple is not allowed out the gate without a lead, because he loves children and I do not want him to follow some children home, whenever Mr Wopple is out with his dad in Whangarei he likes to say hello to lots of people, but mostly kids because then he can get some pats.

Mr Wopple has a dad that uses a mobility scooter because his legs do not work very well, Wopple loves to run along beside dads scooter, we alway like going around the hatea loop. sometimes Wopple get tired and has to ride along on the mobility scooter with his dad.

Wopple and his friends have there own utube page please have a look the link is here.

Mr Wopple utube