Mr Wopple

This is a story about Mr Wopple who is a golden retriever, Mr Wopples owner is disabled, Mr Wopple wants to help his dad, but sometimes its more fun to play

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Golden Retriever

Mr. Wopple the Golden Retriever is a large-sized dog bred as an assistant dog to retrieve items and operate switches or open doors and were named ‘retriever’ because of there ability to fetch and bring. he is still training.

Why Wopple

Mr Wopple is my second golden retriever who was called Lopatis, both Wopple and Lopatis had the same first name of Toby, but their fun name was different. For a dog Toby is a good name, but Mr Wopple is much more of a fun name.


Wopples Owner

Mr Wopple has an owner who is disabled. Mr Wopple flanked his disability dog training so Glen brought Mr Wopple home for more training, Mr Wopple had to learn how to run beside his dad’s mobility scooter.


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